Fiberglass Columns & Porch Post Products

Poly classic columns

Pacific Columns is your source for high quality architectural columns addressing all aspects of exterior and interior enhancement. We offer columns crafted in both modern and traditional materials to meet your needs. Whether you require supportive columns to enrich the entryway of your home, or whether you need decorative columns to define interior living spaces, our large column selection will not disappoint. We offer Turncraft Poly-Classic FRP Columns, Vinyl Porch Columns and Interior Wood Columns in many styles and sizes for an ideal fit and appearance.

Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass ColumnsWe offer Poly-Classic Columns crafted in rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP). If you are looking for an ultra-durable column with classic elegance, the Poly-Classic Column selection has much to offer. Fiberglass columns perform exceptionally well in exterior applications. An advanced fiberglass construction results in a column that is very easy to maintain and stronger than marble, wood and aluminum columns. Poly-Classic Columns are also fire-rated, providing exceptional resistance against flames.


Porch Columns

Porch PostFiberglass and PVC columns are exquisite additions to porches, and available in architecturally correct styles, including options such as fluting, tapering, entasis, and detailed capitals. We also offer square American Craftsman style columns for a distinctly traditional appearance marked by modern construction. If you are looking for a durable column that will enrich outdoor living spaces, you can spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining our fiberglass columns. Fiberglass columns resist warping, cracking, decay, insect infestations and damage caused by weathering and climate conditions.


Wood Columns

Wood ColumnsWhen you require authentic wood columns for exterior and interior applications, our product selection has much to offer. We offer distinct Corinthian, Ionic, Greek Doric, Roman Doric and Tuscan columns that will enrich your surroundings with classic beauty. When it comes to enriching home interiors, the natural warmth and texture of wood is incomparable. That is why we bring you finely crafted wood columns in top quality wood species to compliment wood interiors and allow you to create the architectural look and feel that you envision.

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