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Interior Decorative Columns have been used interior as décor for thousands of years, dating back to the earliest Greek and Roman columns. Historically, columns have been used for structural purposes as well as being visually appealing, but as time has continued and more architectural columns were introduced into architecture, decorative columns have become, and continue to be increasing popular in home renovation and home improvement.

Decorative Columns range from paint-grade poplar wood columns to fiberglass columns, interior decorative columns range in size as well as materials. Due to the fact that the architectural column is being used on the interior of a building, most builders or contractors refrain from using faux stone or concrete columns and mainly stick with a spun cast or architectural wood column.

Interior Decorative Columns - Beautiful and Architecturally Correct
When deciding on the style of your interior decorative columns that should be used in a home improvement project, there are many things to consider. The first thing that must be decided is what architectural order (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan), would work best with your interior home decor. Once the architectural guidelines and styles have been set, the interior decorative column material must be selected. The nature of the column being an interior decorative column provides you with a good idea of where to start when it comes to the column material. There are four most commonly used interior columns: spun cast fiberglass columns, filament wound fiberglass columns, paint-grade wood columns, and stain-grade wood columns. These four choices each have different attributes that may accent existing furniture or architecture already in the building.

The most consistant and elegant look for a project consisting of interior decorative columns is a Poly-Classic Architectural Column. Each fiberglass column is architecturally correct, and has a consistency of material that makes it the superior architectural column option.

FRP Columns, Maintenance Free Home Improvement
Paint adheres very nicely to Poly-Classic Architectural Columns due to the fiberglass-reinforced-polymer (FRP) material. The painted decorative columns have a solid marble-like feel, and are impervious to insect attacks. When requiring a more decorative or fancy visual, a stain grade column is your best option. Often referred to as the most aesthetically pleasing style of column available, stain grade columns (especially ones constructed from such woods as Cherry or Honduras Mahogany), are seen as the very epitome of interior decorative columns.

Fiberglass Columns --- Now with Flame Guard™
Poly-Classic Columns were the first fiberglass-reinforced polymer FRP columns to achieve the distinction of passing a construction industry test (ASTM E, 84-01) that measures the flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire.

So, if you're looking for porch columns, decorative interior columns, patio columns or both, you've come to the right place at Whether you are looking for Orange County decorative columns, or anywhere in the U.S., Pacific Columns QuickShip program can get you the columns you need. Fast.

decorative interior columns
Decorative columns look great around any support.

interior decorative column
Decorative interior columns can bring style to any home decor. 

fluted decorative column
Fluted decorative columns can be made to fit any home styling.

interior columns near an entryway
Our columns are not only used as exterior columns.  These tuscan columns were used to add some character to an entryway.

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