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"Thank you so much for your quick response in filling and shipping my order.  My customers were extremely pleased with the quality of your POLY CLASSIC FIBERGLASS COLUMNS.  Your company made my company look good.  I look forward to future business with you!!"

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Architectural Fiberglass Columns - FRP
Pacific Columns is transforming structures with true Architectural Columns. Pacific Columns Fiberglass Columns are the product of choice for both home owners and builders who demand beauty, value, and performance.

Our Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns are great decorative interior columns or can be used as structural, decorative, exterior columns. Pacific Columns offers the most extensive series of Architectural Columns and Decorative Column Capitals in the construction industry.

Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns are architecturally proportioned from rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) ---the most advanced construction material in the world---so pound for pound these porch columns are stronger than stone columns, concrete columns, steel columns, gypsum columns, wood columns, or aluminum columns. FRP Poly Classic Architectural Fiberglass Columns are unmatched in Authenticity, Elegance, and Durability.

Architectural Column Yet a Load bearing Column
With our Architectural Fiberglass Columns you get the look-and feel of natural stone columns. Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns are available in round or square columns shafts both tapered and non-tapered column designs that feature concise edges and meticulous attention to architectural details. Our Fiberglass Columns offer hollow centers that are useful as channel downspouts, wiring, and plumbing, yet Poly-Classic Fiberglass Columns are load-bearing and offer a substantial resistance to deformation.

Architectural Fiberglass columns are the perfect solutions for home owners, architects, contractors, and builders looking to improve the look of the home. Whether with a pergola, front porch, or within the house for a decorative touch, these FRP architectural columns are the perfect for porch columns, front porch house columns, decorative interior columns, back porch exterior columns, patio columns, and entry columns.

Maintenance Free Architectural Columns---For Life!
Poly-Classic Architectural columns are virtually maintenance-free columns. FRP columns are impervious to termite and carpenter ant attack as well as staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments have no effect on these non-porous, waterproof pillars. Whether you need interior columns or exterior columns we have the correct architectural column for you. All Poly-Classic Architectural Columns are covered by a Limited Lifetime Column Warranty.

Fire Rated Columns - FlameGuard™
Poly-Classic Architectural Columns were the first fiberglass-reinforced polymer architectural columns to achieve the distinction of passing an industry test (ASTM E, 84-01) that measures the flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire. Setting a new standard for Architectural Fiberglass Columns.

Whether you need exterior columns, interior columns, decorative columns or structural columns, you've come to the right place at The place to find the Architectural Fiberglass Columns for your home improvement projects.


This is a fluted exterior column with a tuscan capital.
Exterior column with tuscan capital.

Fiberglass column with attic base and scamozzi capital.
Exterior column with a decorative attic base.  Standard sizes from 6" to 24".  Custom sizes available.

fiberglass architectural columns with scamozzi capitals.
Beautiful exterior columns with decorative scamozzi capitals.  These columns for a 2 story home are over 20' tall.

architectural columns with tuscan style capital and base.
Our architectural columns are not only used as exterior columns.  These tuscan columns were used to add some character to an entryway.

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