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Doric Columns
Doric Columns are some of the most unique columns in architectural history. The preferred style of the ancient Greeks, the Doric Column is now referred to as the oldest and plainest of the three main orders of architecture.

Doric Columns are characterized by the twenty column flutes that come to a point around the column shaft.

Each Doric Column is topped with a smooth capital that flares from the column to meet a square abacus. To be architecturally correct, the height of a Doric Column is to be approximately five and one half the width of the column.

Today, Doric Columns are used when a classic stockier style of column is needed. These Columns are often seen on front porches and back patios of estate homes.

doric columns on a back porch

structural columns
Structural columns are great for exterior applications.

patio columns
Patio columns with railing and balustrade systems provide an classic and timeless look. 

tuscan front porch columns FRP
Using tuscan columns with a tresel on the front porch is a new look often used by architects and home builders.

back porch patio columns
Patio columns can have the look and feel of stone. Often decorative capitals and bases are used to create beautiful roman columns.

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