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Structural Columns
Some columns are structural; others are merely decorative. Structural Columns are made of materials that can bear substantial weight: wood, aluminum or fiberglass composites. Non-structural columns are made of gypsum and foam and other composite material (some are hollow and may receive weight-bearing wood or metal posts).

Non-structural columns come in many classic shapes. They're typically sold in almost an unlimited range of size and may be coupled with any of a variety of decorative caps and bases.

Pacific Columns makes a line of columns that are both beautiful and structural -- these columns, are offered either Round or Square in either a tapered or non-tapered style with the options of a true ionic flute. Our Poly Classic columns are architecturally proportioned and manufactured from rotocast, Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer (FRP). The most advanced construction material in the world. Pound for pound they are stronger than concrete, steel, or aluminum.

Structural - Column Covers
Structurally, Poly Classic Columns are among the most versatile vertical support available. Although because the advanced manufacturing process Poly Classic hollow centers make them useful as a channel to house downspouts, wiring, and plumbing, a practice never recommended with a wood column. Poly Classic can also be split vertically for reassembly around a structural post.

Structural Column: Use and Application
Poly Classic FRP Columns are used as exterior and interior columns, both load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications. The Poly Classic FRP Column is capable of supporting the respective concentric and eccentric axial loads provided in
Table 1 (below).

Allowable design capacities for the structural columns are based upon proper installations described in Pacific Columns published installation instructions.

For the concentric loads shown in Table 1 (below), the column shall be installed with a bearing top plate that symmetrically distributes the load across the entire cross-section of the column. Where the eccentric loading values shown in Table 1 (below) are utilized, the beam shall bear directly on both walls of the column with a maximum offset of e as shown in the table.

The base of the column shall bear entirely on a flat surface that provides suitable anchorage for the column and is capable of transferring all loads to the foundation.
table 1 with structural load capacities

structural columns
Structural columns are great for exterior applications.

patio columns
Patio columns with railing and balustrade systems provide an classic and timeless look. 

tuscan front porch columns FRP
Using tuscan columns with a tresel on the front porch is a new look often used by architects and home builders.

back porch patio columns
Patio columns can have the look and feel of stone. Often decorative capitals and bases are used to create beautiful roman columns.

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