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Fiberglass – Filament Wound Columns

Load Bearing Exterior Columns - Low Maintenance - Light Weight
Specifically designed for load bearing applications Pacific Columns Filament Wound Columns are designed with architecturally accurate entasis, manufactured with space age filament winding technology and offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Pacific Columns filament winding technology comes from today’s advanced design and fabrication procedures for rocket and missile cases – creating lighter weight structures without sacrificing strengths.

Light Weight Columns
Example: a 12” x 8’ wood column weighs 90lbs.; composite fiberglass columns weigh 100 lbs., and just 27 lbs. as a filament wound column. Filament wound column shafts are exceptionally easy to install because they are approximately 1/8” thick and so light in weight.

Yet they offer a compressive strength of 20,000 lbs. with high-impact resistance against job site abuse.

New Composite Columns
Pacific Columns filament winding procedure converts the strength of continuous fiberglass strands or thread form into an extraordinarily strong band of fiberglass. This band is fed through a polyester resin/hardener and wrapped (in an interwoven pattern for added strength) around a shaft.

Pre-fabricated to maintain the correct tapers and entasis points required for column accuracy. Though they are neither as heavy nor brittle as the more common composite columns, pacific Columns Filament wound Columns provide the same characteristics regarding weathering, decay, insect resistance and other environmental influences.

They are low in maintenance, need no ventilation and can be finished directly with premium alkyd or acrylic latex top coats without the need of a primer for adhesion. Plain shaft columns sizes include diameters of 10” through 30” diameters.

Heights range from 8’ to 30’. Note: Basic load bearing capacity calculations require additional user input to accommodate dead and live load design factors, wind, snow, seismic loads and other special safety considerations. Call Pacific Columns for details.

structural columns
Structural columns are great for exterior applications.

patio columns
Patio columns with railing and balustrade systems provide an classic and timeless look. 

tuscan front porch columns FRP
Using tuscan columns with a tresel on the front porch is a new look often used by architects and home builders.

back porch patio columns
Patio columns can have the look and feel of stone. Often decorative capitals and bases are used to create beautiful roman columns.

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