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Decorative Column Capitals
Pacific Columns Ornamental Columns Capitals artfully capture natural themes and images in an aesthetic, composite sculpture Column Capitals. For example, the volute scrolls of the Roman Ionic Capital, Greek Erectheum Capital, Angular Capital, Scamozzi Capital, and Empire Capitals imitate the helix cross-section of the Nautilus shell. The acanthus leaves on the Temple of Winds Capital and Roman Corinthian Capitals echo the flowering crown of a tree. These Decorative column capitals are crafted from fiberglass or composite materials and are shaped into the appropriate proportions for the various styles of architecture and sizes of column shafts.

Choosing the right Architectural Column Capital is as important as selecting the column itself. The right Column Cap and Base can define the style of the column project and create an atmosphere that compliments your architectural style.

Eight style of ornamental capitals are available for all round tapered architectural fiberglass columns. Nothing makes a statement like an Architectural Column with an ornamental Capital

column capitals, temple of winds, roman doric, empire, roman corinthian, greek angular ionic, scamozzi, roman ionic, greek erectheum
decorative column capitals specification sheet

Tuscan Column Capital (Non-Decorative Capital)
The Ancient Romans adapted the idea of Greek Columns into their own style of architectural columns. Based on the classic visual of the Doric Column order, Roman architects created what is now known as the Tuscan Column. Differing from the Doric Column, the Tuscan Column order is always featured with a standard base known for its simple yet elegant design.

fiberglass decorative roman corinthian capital
Decorative capitals made out of fiberglass show great relief. FRP roman corinthian capitals are a great addition to any home improvement project.

ionic decorative capitals
Ionic capitals are decorative capitals that add an elegant touch to a fluted column.

interior tuscan capitals and bases
Tuscan capitals are the standard style in the home building space.

Doric capitals with the doric column are installed without a base.

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