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Architectural Columns Installation Guides
Here you will find different architectural column installation guides that will help make your column installation easier. Please select your type of column installation below and then click on the link. That will open up a new window with complete instructions.

There are many ways to install your architectural columns; our staff is available to help. We can offer different methods depending if your columns is structural, decorative, porch, interior, or exterior.

If you have further questions regarding fiberglass or composite column installation, please give us a call at 1.800.294.1098.


Exterior column with tuscan capital.  Installing a fiberglass column.

Exterior column with a decorative attic base.  Standard sizes from 6" to 24".  Custom sizes available.

Beautiful exterior columns with decorative scamozzi capitals.  These columns for a 2 story home are over 20' tall.

Our columns are not only used as exterior columns.  These tuscan columns were used to add some character to an entryway.

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